Thursday, August 21, 2008


I've tried to put a finger on why the last six months was so great. I think what I'll miss most about Taiwan is:

Laura's calm and easy-going personality

Tammy's energy and excitement for life

Whitney's cute laugh and genuine interest in whoever she's talking to

Yelling at Steve for driving me crazy and then laughing with Steve for driving me crazy

Laughing my guts out with Jessica and her ability to make anything out of nothing

Listening to Joseph's music and reading anything he writes

Feeling Mary's honest expressions of love and concern for all of us

Somehow the stars aligned just right to put together a group of people that became like a second family to me. I miss being able to walk into any room and find someone to talk, laugh, and play with. Taiwan could have been just another adventure, but living with such a great combination of fun and amazing people was truly a miracle. They let me into their lives and wormed their way into my heart and I couldn't help but get really attached. I will miss being able to talk to, learn from, and see them everyday. It's hard saying good-bye to a way of life as a family especially when there's more than one family you're losing.