Saturday, January 17, 2009

We played a rousing gift exchange game and I just have to say, my Ikea cheese graters were hot ticket items.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

After all my blogs about Taiwan, I hate to make anyone read about the boring details of my life in Utah, but...Santa brought me a camera, so now you can at least look at pictures.

JESSICA'S BACK IN AMERICA!!!! And even though we're not crashing scooters or figuring out how to read Chinese symbols as we wander around huge foreign cities, we're still tryin' to raise a ruckus!!

Throughout our stay in Taiwan, we went on a lot of crazy shopping spree adventures and longed for the day when we could just shop again in a good old American Target.

That day has come... Oh we love thee...

It's New Year's Eve and Jessica's got her Vogue pose on!

After getting all gussied up, we went down town to the JSM building to meet up with Steve and watch his Kristin do some Scottish dancing...the girl is amazing!

Then Steve had to steal the spotlight and do some dancing of his own with his cute mom.

Later, Jess & I walked around Temple Square.

Then we went to the Gallivan Center for First Night. (Shouldn't it be called Last Night since it's the last night of the year?) There was ice skating, musicians, a hypnotist, long lines for hot chocolate, huge crowds, and dropping temperatures.
There were art installations made from recyclable materials like this globe made out of plastic water bottles.

We almost froze to death but we made it to the fireworks show at midnight.

New Year's Day Jess helped me move my 3 suitcases and air mattress to a new place. Someday I'll get to move my stuff up here from Arizona so I don't have to keep living like a hobo.
We were looking around my new place when what to our wondering eyes should appear but A Train to Potevka (a book we read in Taiwan on recommendation from Joseph).

Then we went shopping at IKEA and tried out the furniture.
After a long day of shopping, we came home, Jessica made some awesome Sesame Chicken and peanut sauce, then we read this guy's hilarious blog...I love it.
More american adventures to come as we get ready for a trip to Ohio in the dead of winter...