Friday, May 8, 2009

Should a grown man wear Crocs?...Even if he is a nurse?

So every Friday is jeans day at the office. Last week I walked past a co-worker's cubicle and noticed he was wearing bright lime green Crocs that perfectly matched his bright lime green shirt. Wow. When you see something like think...well that's kinda'...I can't think of an appropriate word to put here...and you also feel bad because he has no one to direct his poor, misguided fashion choices. But it also prompted me to wonder...Which came first? Did he already own the lime green shirt and then bought lime green Crocs to match? Or was there a sale on Crocs and did he decide to find shirts that matched his new plastic shoes? Or is there a store that preys on poor unsuspecting souls by selling Crocs and matching shirts together? So many questions!!! Lastly, and most importantly, does he have more pairs of Crocs at home in a variety of colors with matching shirts?

Well, guess what? Today I got my answer!!! Purple shirt and purple Crocs!!!! WOW! What color will we see on the next Jeans Friday? Red? Blue? YELLOW?!!! I can hardly wait. Something to look forward to...

Okay...I just overheard a snippet of conversation that might shed some light on this. The co-worker in question just said, "I'm what they call a 'commando shopper'. I like to get in and get out before anyone knows I'm there." That's the problem!!! He didn't think about the consequences of his purchase and probably fell victim to some money grubbing retailer who put the Crocs and shirts together for all those "commando shoppers" who make rash decisions about clothing in order to get the shopping over with. "Do I want plastic shoes and a matching shirt in lime green or Barney purple? Why not both?!" Insanity. It's cruel really. If you are a 'commando shopper" and have suffered from similar fashion blunders, please know that I'm not totally making fun of you...I'm also concerned for your I hope others are concerned for me and my daily, hideous fashion mistakes.

Another quote I overheard a co-worker say today:
"I can guarantee you that you're probably right." Well gee's- if you can guarantee that I'm probably right...
****5/11/09 Update****
Today it's a red shirt and orange Crocs!!! So he's mixing things up a little. And it's not even Jeans day!!! Wow...things are getting a little crazy around here.
****5/13/09 Update****
Today it's black Crocs with a red strap...
****5/14/09 Update****
Holy Crap!!! Today it's bright sunshine yellow Crocs!!! I'm a little disappointed that he's not wearing a yellow shirt to match but wow...those yellow plastic shoes sure stand out! My suspicions have been confirmed: He actually owns just about every color of the rainbow in those plastic orthopedic shoes that should only be worn by...wait should they really be worn by anyone?