Sunday, April 13, 2008

The "Man-ship"

There is never a dull moment around Steve and Joseph. Friday night, I accepted an invitation to take an inside peek into the obscure lives of the only two male teachers at our school and find out how they're coping with all the attention and adoration showered on them everyday while living and working with 11 girls and several Taiwanese secretaries.

Unfortunately, my efforts to blend in and fully be accepted into their exclusive club failed when I accidentally dumped a cup of ice water into Joseph's lap at KFC. Oops.

Despite my faux pas...I was allowed to continue observing the subjects in an attempt to better understand a phenomena recently named the "man-ship". My findings were both educational and surprising.

After dinner, subject A (hereafter referred to as "Steve") wanted to look for T-shirts at a nearby clothing retail facility known as The Net.

Both subjects were not only willing to wear the same shirts in public, but also purchased matching shirts and then proceeded to shop for shoes. I'm pretty sure these two guys wouldn't be caught dead exhibiting this type of behavior in their natural American habitat, but the effects of living in Taiwan with a colony of women is clearly evident. Although my findings are inconclusive, it is safe to say that the "man-ship" phenomenon is a means of survival here and that more observation and research will not be necessary unless I really have nothing else to blog about.
To read more about this strange occurrence click here.


GreenTaiwan said...

Beautifully done Sara. I am so glad that I can look like an idiot on the internet too and not just in person.

Jodi said...

Well, this is just fabuluous. I assume it is in respone a bit to my comment last week. I must dig deeper into these "man-ships" blogs to find more clues. Thanks for the entertaining respones. On another note, Sara--please come home. You have to meet by baby. What if he is born on your birthday!? How do I explain Auntie Sara who ran off to Taiwan never to be seen again. I will have to start a Young Adult Novel series about your adventures.

Sals said...

Hey Hawker,
Not sure if you remember me but Phipps was just visiting down here in Australia and stayed with me and told me about your blog so I just wanted to let you know that I'm now stalking you...but if I've told you does that really count for stalking??? :) anyways just thought I'd leave my blog so you can catch up with whats happening with me and my fam.
Perry (from Temple Square)

Sals said...

Sara, Well you're more than welcome to visit ANY time no matter where we live...but if it helps...there is a 95% we are moving to Singapore in about 2-3 mths...we're just waiting for them to show us the financial package to know whether we can actually afford it or not...since rent is so darn expensive there AND the international school fees are well exorbitant! So I'll keep you updated...but if we do move there you'll have to come stay!